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The asura’s have the Mrithasanjeevani mantra which can bring a dead person to life. The devas do not have it, and they decide to send Kacha the son of guru of the devas as disciple of Sukra the guru of the asura’s to learn it. It is in this background that the story begins.
Scene:1 – Sukra and Kacha
Kacha comes to the Ashram of Sukra, the guru of the rakshasas. He expresses his desire to be Sukra’s disciple. Sukra is pleased with the appearance of Kacha, his politeness, his evident aristocracy and fearlessness. Sukra takes him as his disciple, and at an auspicious time starts him on his studies. The atmosphere in the ashram captivates Kacha.
Scene: 2 – Kacha and Devayani
Kacha attends to all the duties assigned to him by his guru like, grazing the cattle and attending to all the needs of the Ashram. He attends to the studies assigned to himby his guru. One day while out grazing the cattle, he allows the cattle to themselves, sits down and attends to his studies. Devayani the beautiful daughter of Sukra comes there and is at once attracted to the handsome Kacha. She invites him to join her in her games and play. Kacha does not know what to do. He does not want to abandon his studies and join his guru’s daughter in games and play. He finally yields and joins her in unobjectionable games. The games gradually grow more enjoyable, and finally Devayani puts a garland of flowers around Kacha’s neck. Kacha is embarrassed and leaves saying it is getting very late.
Scene: 3 – Kacha, Sukethu and Kuttikattala
Sukethu and the other kattalas realize that Devayani, the daughter of the guru is attracted to the new disciple Kacha who is the son of the guru of the Devas, and feels that this will not be good for the asuras. They decide to kill Kacha. They capture him and kills him. They pulverize his body, and mixes it with madya and take it to Sukra.
Scene: 4 – Sukra, Sukethu, kattalas, Devayani and Kacha
Sukra is happy with the Madya offered to him by the kattalas and drinks it. Devayani who cannot find Kacha rushed to her father saying that Kacha is missing. Sukra by his divine powers immediately understands that kacha has been killed, and that he has taken drinks that contain Kacha’s body. Seeing the great grief of his daughter; Kukra teaches Kacha the Mrithasanjeevani Mantra. He calls Kacha who emerges from Sukra’s stomach, and Sukra dies. Kacha using the Mrithasanjeevani Mantra brings back Sukra to life. Sukra says that madya has been the reason for so much mischief, and that he will never taste it again.
Scene: 5 – Kacha and Devayani
Kacha who has managed to obtain the mantra, for which he had come to Sukra as a disciple, wants to leave without being seen by anyone. However Devayani comes to the scene with a radiant smile, and wants to resume the interrupted relationship with Kacha. She tries all methods to keep Kacha in the ashram, but Kacha says in unmistakable terms that he has to leave. Devayani curses him that the mantra that he has learned will be forgotten when he needs it. Kacha reluctantly leaves.

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........KADHAKALI........: kathakali Instruments

........KADHAKALI........: kathakali Instruments: "The Kathakali Percussion Instruments include metallophones (chengalam and ellatalam), and membranophones (chenda, maddalam, and edakka). W..."

kathakali Instruments

The Kathakali Percussion Instruments include metallophones (chengalam and ellatalam), and membranophones (chenda, maddalam, and edakka). Whereas the instruments are well known in the Kathakali dance accompaniment, they do offer great potentiel for creation.


Scene: 1- Arjuna and Panchali
Arjuna is preparing to do thapas for obtaining Pasupathasthra from Siva on the advise of his elder brother Dharmaputhra. He tells Panchali of his resolve, Panchali understands the necessity for this, and sends him gladly to do thapas.
Scene: 2 – Arjuna
Arjuna sets out to the Himalayas to do thapas. He sees Mount Kailas and is enraptured by its beauty and grandeur. He selects a suitable spot and begins his thapas.
Scene: 3 – Kattala and Kattalasthree
Arjuna is in deep thapas. A boar which is really Mukasura sent by Duryodhana to kill Arjuna appears and Arjuna sends an arrow at the beast. The Kattala who appears on the scene also sends an arrow at the boar. A dispute arises between Arjuna and the kattala as to who killed the boar.
The dispute soon leads to a fight. The Kattalasthree tries to dissuade the Kattala from the fight, but he says that Arjuna’s strength and skill have to be tested, and his pride has to be curbed before any boon can be granted. The fight continues and kattalasthree again tries to stop it. Neither antagonist can be turned back. She curses Arjuna that his arrows will turn to flowers before they fall on Kattala. Arjuna tries to beat Kattala with his bow. The Kattala snatches it and throws it away. Kattala throws Arjuna to the ground.
The Kattala and Kattalasthree move away. Arjuna recovers, and is saddened that he has neither the strength nor the skill to fight even a Kattala. He makes a idol of Siva with sand and worships him offering flowers to the idol. He finds that the flowers fall at the feet of Kattala., and realizes that all the while he has been fighting with Siva and falls to his feet and asks for forgiveness.
The Kattala and Kattalasthree now appear as Siva and Parvathi. They bless Arjuna and gives him many boons including Pasupathasthra.


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