Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rukmini Swayamvaram

Aswathi Tirunal actually wrote a Sanskrit Drama called Rukmini Swayamwaram. Later he wrote this kathakali in malayalam for the benefit of a larger audience.
Rukmini is a beautiful maiden, daughter of Vidharbha King, who wants to marry Krishna. But her brother Rukmi wants her to marry Shisupala. The first scene is soliloqy of the sad Rukmini. Then a family friend called Sundara Brahmana comes to meet her. She tells him about her troubles and he agrees to take the matter to Krishna. He is sure that Krishna will come and take her to Dwaraka. Sundara Brahmana arrives at Dawaraka. He is welcomed by Krishna who is known to help brahmins at all times. The Brahmin tells Krishna about Rukmini's fate and that she may die if he does not go and save her. Krishna agrees to go to Vidharbha and bring back Rukmini as his bride. Then he arranges his Chariot. But the brahmana will not climb up. He is afraid, so afraid that he may fall down and die and maybe vultures will come and eat his body. But Krishna tells him "You may stand on the chariot clutching me". To this he happily agrees. He thanks God for giving him an opportunity to hold on to Krishna who is to him God on earth.
 Shishupala feels that during the marriage Krishna may create problems. A Bhiru ( a crony of Shishupala) is arranged to take care of Rukmini wherever she goes. Rukmini goes to the Devi Temple with the garland in hand and as she was coming out from the temple she sees Krishna and immediately puts the garland on his neck. Krishna takes her into his Chariot. At this Shishupala goes to war with Krishna but Krishna defeats him and goes off with the bride. Rukmi, brother of Rukmini also chases them and goes to war with Krishna but was defeated and comes back in a sorry condition.
In this play Sundara Brahmana comes in Minuku vesha, with a fine folded white uttareeya (shawl) in his left arm. Krishna and Rukmi are Pacha vesha. Shishupala is kathi vesha. Bhiru is actually a joker of the play and comes in a jokers dress which is also Minuku.

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