Friday, January 28, 2011

Kuchela Vrittam stories

Krishna and Kuchela studied together under Sandipani Maharshi in his Ashram when they were boys. Many years passed and Krishna was the King of Dwaraka whereas Kuchela was hardly pulling on as a poor brahmin.
One day Kuchela's wife tells Kuchela that there is no food in the house. The children were always hungry. It was Kuchela's desire to meet his friend Krishna. Why does he not go and meet him? Kuchela also wants to go. He asks his wife for a gift to Krishana. She gives him some rice flakes made from borrowed rice and Kuchela starts off to meet Krishna. On the way he thinks "Will Krishna recognise me? Will he receive me, a poor brahmin? Krishna is so large hearted he will receive any brahmin, even the poorest of the poor." So thinking he proceeds on foot a distance of maybe a hundred miles.
 Krishna is sitting in his house with Rukmini when he sees Kuchela coming. He runs off to meet Kuchela. He is invited inside and taken to the seventh floor of the palace and treated well. Finally he asks Kuchela what he has brought and forcibly takes the rice flakes and eats two handfuls of it. But when he was about to eat the third time his wife objects saying that she will become a servant of Kuchela if he eats again. Hence he stops eating. Kuchela and Krishna talk for some time and it is time for kuchela to go. So the friends part and Kuchela proceeds home. When he reaches home he finds that many riches have come to his house and he can hardly recognize his house. His wife comes out to great him with great happiness.
The story is very enjoyable and the lyrics are very musical. Krishna's vesham is pacha and all others are minuku.

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