Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nala Charitham 2 ........story

The second day's play starts in the palace of Nala. Nala is standing beside Damayanti, an extremely shy bride. Nala addresses her with soft words and draws her into a coversation. Slowly she comes out of her shyness and talks a few words of praise about the evergreen nature of the Nishadha gardens. Emboldened they discuss about the incidents leading to their happy union.
 Meanwhile certain other gods, Kali and Dwapara are dissatsfied with the events at the marriage and talk offensively to Indra for his foolish behaviour. They then plot to punish Nala. Kali waits years to enter Nishadha Kingdom and enter only when Nala makes a mistake of not washing his feet properly. Once he enters he meets Nala's brother Pushkara and instigates him to rise against Nala and defeat him in a game of dice. In the dice game Kali cheats for Pushkara and Nala loses all. Damayanti sends her children off to Kundinapura and accompanies Nala to the forest. In the forest Nala loses his last remaining piece of cloth trying to catch birds. The naked Nala asks Damayanthi to leave him and go back to Kundinapura for her own sake. Again she refuses and exhausted, sleeps in the forest. Nala leaves her in the forest and runs away after taking a small piece of her Sari to wear as a loin-cloth to cover his nakedness. Nala knows no harm will come to her, her noble character being her invincible shield.
Damayanti wakes up in the forest and finds no Nala! Alas, she cries aloud and walks through the forest. A python takes hold of one of her legs. A Katala(forest dweller ) hears her cries and rescues her from the python. But he will not stop at that. He proposes to her. She angrily refuses. Katala forces her to sit on his shoulder. At this, Damayanthi curses him and he is reduced to ashes. Damayanti wanders long and meets a group of traders who kindly take her along to a Chedi country where a queen is ruling. When she was in Chedi a brahmin by name Sudeva sent in search of Damayanti by Bhima Raja of Kundinapura reaches there. He enquires who is the new dasi in the palace and is happy to meet Damayanthi. Along with Sudeva finallly Danayanti reaches her father's palace. Her father blesses her and tells her he will do all he can to find Nala. Her mother also blesses her. There ends the second day's play.
In this story Kali is a special Red Beard. Dwapara is Kathi. Nala, Pushkara, Bhimaraja and Indra are Pacha. Katala is Black Beard. All the others are Minuku.

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