Tuesday, January 25, 2011

last part of Nalacharitham.

Damayanthi and her maid Keshini watch Rutuparna's chariot approaching Ayodhya. The speed of the chariot does indicate that Nala is the driver, however looking at the figure of the driver he is not Nala. Seeing all this Damyanthi is truly worried and asks Keshini to meet Nala and talk to him and also observe his activities. Keshini talks to Bahuka and also observes his fantastic cooking abilities and the way when he touches flowers they bloom, etc. and reports to Damayanthi .
 Now Damayanthi is almost sure it is Nala and invites him into her palace. Damayanti starts the conversation saying "Have you seen Nala anywhere, you behave just like Nala, but does not look so". Nala replies that he is indeed Nala and he has come with great happiness. He ties a cloth given by Karkodaka and transforms himself into his old shape. Damayanthi comes forward to hug him but Nala stops her demanding how she decided to marry again. Damayanthi tells it was designed to get him to come over. Otherwise how could she find Nala? Nala is still doubtful. At that time a divine voice is heard that Damayanthi is true to Nala. Nala is now convinced that Damayanthi is indeed true to him. They hug each other. They also talk about the various incidents which occurred after their separation.
Nala goes to Nishadha Kingdom and recaptures his lost kingdom by another game of dice with his brother Pushkara. But he does not exile Pushkara. He allows him to stay on.
Destination reached and the old couple in their own home. However the story does not end. Nala's old friend, the swan, and Narada also appear and bless Nala and Damayanthi.
In this story Nala, Pushkara nad Bhimaraja are Pacha vesha and others are Minuku. The swan has a special makeup.

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