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Nala Charitham 1 - Unnayi Warrier...... stories

The story is taken from Nalopakhyana of Mahabharatha. Nala is the young king of Nishadha kingdom. Narada comes and advises Nala to try to marry Damayanti, a beautiful princess of Kundinapura, who is to wed soon. But Nala is doubtful about his chances saying that even gods crave to marry her. But Narada says she is for kings of the world and not for gods.
 Nala roams about in the extensive royal gardens thinking about Damayanthi. At that time, a golden coloured swan was seen resting by the side of a pond. Nala gently goes and catches the swan. The swan is highly agitated and Nala releases it to go its own way. But the swan comes back and tells Nala that it is ready to help Nala to get married to Damayanthi. Nala is interested and sends it to Damayanti's city, Kundinapura, to know about her own feelings on the subject.
 The swan flies to Kundinapura and meets Damayanti. After drawing her away from her maids it tells her about Nala. Damayanti is also in love with Nala. So the swan returns and gives the massage to Nala. Then and there Nala decides to try the hand of Damayanti. Damayanti's swayamwara is declared. Nala is on the way, but is met with five gods who are also going for the same purpose. To his astonishnment now Nala has to play the role of the gods' messenger. He meets Damayanthi and tells the wish of the gods. But Damayanthi firmly says SHE LOVES ONLY NALA. Not even gods for her!
Now the Swayamwara takes place. Damayanti could not recognize the true Nala since the gods are also present in the shape of Nalas. Then she uses her intelligence (by divine grace) and recognizes the true Nala with certain human characteristics such as blinking of the eyes and feet firmly placed on the ground, and puts her garland on his neck and so they are united. The gods bless them and also give many boons to Nala.
Thus ends the first day's play of Nala Charitha.
Nala is Pacha, the gods various shades of Pacha, the swan has its own swan makeup, others are Minuku.

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