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Kuchela Vrittam stories

Krishna and Kuchela studied together under Sandipani Maharshi in his Ashram when they were boys. Many years passed and Krishna was the King of Dwaraka whereas Kuchela was hardly pulling on as a poor brahmin.
One day Kuchela's wife tells Kuchela that there is no food in the house. The children were always hungry. It was Kuchela's desire to meet his friend Krishna. Why does he not go and meet him? Kuchela also wants to go. He asks his wife for a gift to Krishana. She gives him some rice flakes made from borrowed rice and Kuchela starts off to meet Krishna. On the way he thinks "Will Krishna recognise me? Will he receive me, a poor brahmin? Krishna is so large hearted he will receive any brahmin, even the poorest of the poor." So thinking he proceeds on foot a distance of maybe a hundred miles.
 Krishna is sitting in his house with Rukmini when he sees Kuchela coming. He runs off to meet Kuchela. He is invited inside and taken to the seventh floor of the palace and treated well. Finally he asks Kuchela what he has brought and forcibly takes the rice flakes and eats two handfuls of it. But when he was about to eat the third time his wife objects saying that she will become a servant of Kuchela if he eats again. Hence he stops eating. Kuchela and Krishna talk for some time and it is time for kuchela to go. So the friends part and Kuchela proceeds home. When he reaches home he finds that many riches have come to his house and he can hardly recognize his house. His wife comes out to great him with great happiness.
The story is very enjoyable and the lyrics are very musical. Krishna's vesham is pacha and all others are minuku.

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........KADHAKALI........: Nala Charitham 1 - Unnayi Warrier...... stories

........KADHAKALI........: Nala Charitham 1 - Unnayi Warrier...... stories: "The story is taken from Nalopakhyana of Mahabharatha. Nala is the young king of Nishadha kingdom. Narada comes and advises Nala to try to ..."

last part of Nalacharitham.

Damayanthi and her maid Keshini watch Rutuparna's chariot approaching Ayodhya. The speed of the chariot does indicate that Nala is the driver, however looking at the figure of the driver he is not Nala. Seeing all this Damyanthi is truly worried and asks Keshini to meet Nala and talk to him and also observe his activities. Keshini talks to Bahuka and also observes his fantastic cooking abilities and the way when he touches flowers they bloom, etc. and reports to Damayanthi .
 Now Damayanthi is almost sure it is Nala and invites him into her palace. Damayanti starts the conversation saying "Have you seen Nala anywhere, you behave just like Nala, but does not look so". Nala replies that he is indeed Nala and he has come with great happiness. He ties a cloth given by Karkodaka and transforms himself into his old shape. Damayanthi comes forward to hug him but Nala stops her demanding how she decided to marry again. Damayanthi tells it was designed to get him to come over. Otherwise how could she find Nala? Nala is still doubtful. At that time a divine voice is heard that Damayanthi is true to Nala. Nala is now convinced that Damayanthi is indeed true to him. They hug each other. They also talk about the various incidents which occurred after their separation.
Nala goes to Nishadha Kingdom and recaptures his lost kingdom by another game of dice with his brother Pushkara. But he does not exile Pushkara. He allows him to stay on.
Destination reached and the old couple in their own home. However the story does not end. Nala's old friend, the swan, and Narada also appear and bless Nala and Damayanthi.
In this story Nala, Pushkara nad Bhimaraja are Pacha vesha and others are Minuku. The swan has a special makeup.

third part story of nalacharitham

This is the third part of Nalacharitham. If there is something called repentence Nala has it in abundance(reminiscent of King Lear). The thought that he left his wife (Damayanti) alone in the forest (even though it was for her better future) never leaves him for a moment. He wanders in the forests. He also saves a divine serpent called Karkotaka from a forest fire. The serpent bites him and he becomes dark in colour, which is also for good since he can live incognito. Karkotaka also gives Nala a cloth by wearing which he can return to his old figure. Nala assumes the name of Bahuka and joins Rituparna's Palace as a horseman and cook. He spends many sleepless nights along with his colleagues, Jeevala and Varshneya, in his new home, lamenting about his wife, which is well brought out in the verses "Vijane Bata Mahati, Vipine Nee Unarn Indu Vadane, Vinenthu Cheyvu Kadane " meaning "Waking up in the wilderness, falling into bottomless sorrow, Lady, what did thou do?".
Now the scene shifts to Bhima Raja's palace. Damayanti designates Sudeva, a brahmin to find out whether the message from another brahmin that Nala is in Rituparna's palace is true or not. Sudeva knows the trick. He travels to Kosala Rajya and informs Rituparna that the day after next is Damayanti's second Swayamvara and and all kings are invited. Now there is only one way Kundinapura can be reached in a day. Only Nala can drive so fast and so his identity will be exposed. Sudeva's trick works. Nala's thoughts at this juncture are about the innocense of Damayanti in comparison to the cruelty of society, which is well brought out in the verses "Mariman Kanni Mauliyude, Marima Arkid Ariyam" meaning "Wavy eyed Lady, who knows thy wavering mind?"
Rituparna along with his minister and Nala as charioteer start off to Kundinapura. On the way Kali who had entered Nala's body is banished by the heat of a calculation mantra which Rituparna advices to Nala in return to the horse-sense mantra which Nala advises to Rituparna. Happily they proceed to Kundinapura.
In this story Nala, Rituparna are Pacha vesham. Sudeva, Jeevala, Varshneya, Damayanti are Minuku vesham. Kali is Red Beard, and Karkotaka has special Serpent makeup. Bahuka is a separate Pacha Vesham Nala slightly darker than Nala.

Nala Charitham 2 ........story

The second day's play starts in the palace of Nala. Nala is standing beside Damayanti, an extremely shy bride. Nala addresses her with soft words and draws her into a coversation. Slowly she comes out of her shyness and talks a few words of praise about the evergreen nature of the Nishadha gardens. Emboldened they discuss about the incidents leading to their happy union.
 Meanwhile certain other gods, Kali and Dwapara are dissatsfied with the events at the marriage and talk offensively to Indra for his foolish behaviour. They then plot to punish Nala. Kali waits years to enter Nishadha Kingdom and enter only when Nala makes a mistake of not washing his feet properly. Once he enters he meets Nala's brother Pushkara and instigates him to rise against Nala and defeat him in a game of dice. In the dice game Kali cheats for Pushkara and Nala loses all. Damayanti sends her children off to Kundinapura and accompanies Nala to the forest. In the forest Nala loses his last remaining piece of cloth trying to catch birds. The naked Nala asks Damayanthi to leave him and go back to Kundinapura for her own sake. Again she refuses and exhausted, sleeps in the forest. Nala leaves her in the forest and runs away after taking a small piece of her Sari to wear as a loin-cloth to cover his nakedness. Nala knows no harm will come to her, her noble character being her invincible shield.
Damayanti wakes up in the forest and finds no Nala! Alas, she cries aloud and walks through the forest. A python takes hold of one of her legs. A Katala(forest dweller ) hears her cries and rescues her from the python. But he will not stop at that. He proposes to her. She angrily refuses. Katala forces her to sit on his shoulder. At this, Damayanthi curses him and he is reduced to ashes. Damayanti wanders long and meets a group of traders who kindly take her along to a Chedi country where a queen is ruling. When she was in Chedi a brahmin by name Sudeva sent in search of Damayanti by Bhima Raja of Kundinapura reaches there. He enquires who is the new dasi in the palace and is happy to meet Damayanthi. Along with Sudeva finallly Danayanti reaches her father's palace. Her father blesses her and tells her he will do all he can to find Nala. Her mother also blesses her. There ends the second day's play.
In this story Kali is a special Red Beard. Dwapara is Kathi. Nala, Pushkara, Bhimaraja and Indra are Pacha. Katala is Black Beard. All the others are Minuku.

Nala Charitham 1 - Unnayi Warrier...... stories

The story is taken from Nalopakhyana of Mahabharatha. Nala is the young king of Nishadha kingdom. Narada comes and advises Nala to try to marry Damayanti, a beautiful princess of Kundinapura, who is to wed soon. But Nala is doubtful about his chances saying that even gods crave to marry her. But Narada says she is for kings of the world and not for gods.
 Nala roams about in the extensive royal gardens thinking about Damayanthi. At that time, a golden coloured swan was seen resting by the side of a pond. Nala gently goes and catches the swan. The swan is highly agitated and Nala releases it to go its own way. But the swan comes back and tells Nala that it is ready to help Nala to get married to Damayanthi. Nala is interested and sends it to Damayanti's city, Kundinapura, to know about her own feelings on the subject.
 The swan flies to Kundinapura and meets Damayanti. After drawing her away from her maids it tells her about Nala. Damayanti is also in love with Nala. So the swan returns and gives the massage to Nala. Then and there Nala decides to try the hand of Damayanti. Damayanti's swayamwara is declared. Nala is on the way, but is met with five gods who are also going for the same purpose. To his astonishnment now Nala has to play the role of the gods' messenger. He meets Damayanthi and tells the wish of the gods. But Damayanthi firmly says SHE LOVES ONLY NALA. Not even gods for her!
Now the Swayamwara takes place. Damayanti could not recognize the true Nala since the gods are also present in the shape of Nalas. Then she uses her intelligence (by divine grace) and recognizes the true Nala with certain human characteristics such as blinking of the eyes and feet firmly placed on the ground, and puts her garland on his neck and so they are united. The gods bless them and also give many boons to Nala.
Thus ends the first day's play of Nala Charitha.
Nala is Pacha, the gods various shades of Pacha, the swan has its own swan makeup, others are Minuku.

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........KADHAKALI........: ^^^^mohiniyattam

........KADHAKALI........: ^^^^mohiniyattam: "'Whither the hand goes, the glance follows, Whither the glances lead, the mind follows, Whither the mind goes, there the mood follows Whithe..."

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"Whither the hand goes, the glance follows,
Whither the glances lead, the mind follows,
Whither the mind goes, there the mood follows
Whither the mood goes, there is “rasa” born."
- Abhinaya Darpana

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